These are the services I can provide for you.  

STARTER LESSON - This is the first lesson for puppies (whose vaccinations have been completed) and dogs before they start the Pet Dog Course. I can meet you and your dog on a one-to-one basis and I will teach you the basic exercises such as Sit, Down, Stand, Come and Lead Training. I will give you advice on diet, teething, exercise, toys and any early behavioural problems that you dog may have and you will also recieve an information pack. This is a 1 hour lesson and can be done at any time to suit you. The follow on Pet Dog Course can be booked at the end of this lesson.

ONE - TO - ONE PET DOG COURSE. This is a 5 week course to follow on from the starter lesson, and each lesson is for 30 minutes to be arranged at a time to suit you.You can continue your training for as many courses as your dog needs, as the longer your dog attends school the more sociable and well behaved they will become. The course      will include Lead Training, Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Retrieve and Play, Car Travel, Handling and Health, Fun Agility, Street Training and Dog Behaviour.

PRIVATE ONE - TO - ONE LESSONS - Private lessons on a one-to-one basis are available by appointment for basic/advanced competition obedience. Individual or blocks of lessons can be arranged hourly or half hourly.

HOME VISITS - for behavioural and pet training in your own home. I will meet the family, discuss your pets daily routine, history and behaviour. I will then suggest a training programme for you to follow. A home visit is for 1 hour and can be arranged on weekdays or evenings at a time to suit you and your family.

FUN AGILITY - Fun based 5 week one-to-one course by appointment. Yorkies to Great Danes accepted from 9 months of age.

ONE - TO - ONE BEHAVIOURAL LESSONS - A behavioural lesson will cover aggression to dogs/people, possessiveness, dominance, barking or toileting.